MabIT - We bring CLARITY the survey, you get THE SUCCESS your business.

Through Marketing Outsourcing we offer flexibility, optimized costs, increased efficiency and access to dedicated specialists, ensuring the achievement of your business objectives.

We are a marketing agency that brings clarity and expertise. At MabIT, we offer complete marketing outsourcing services.

Why choose MabIT as your marketing agency?

If you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of digital marketing, we have your all-in-one solution to have a complete marketing department at effective costs and guaranteed availability.

Proven expertise

By thinking of over 120 marketing strategies, from over 14 industries and by attending numerous events as speakers.

Total flexibility

You choose only the services you need, but guided to make the most suitable choice for your need.

Controlled costs

The strategy comes with a medium-term perspective, and the quarterly planning is thought out according to objectives and budget.

Tangible results

Focus on ROI and sustainable growth by focusing on video content and omnichannel approach (each promotion channel supporting each other).

Furthermore, our approach is omnichannel marketing.

What do you get from an omnichannel marketing strategy?

Learn how omnichannel marketing applies to your business.

Through MabIT and marketing outsourcing you get:

...access to countless resources, in one place, adapted and personalized.

  • Hosting and monthly website maintenance;
  • Complex marketing strategy thinking (part of the one-year business strategy);
  • Branding/ Rebranding to support the established marketing strategy;
  • Website development/ adaptation in WordPress;
  • Omnichannel monthly/quarterly planning (each promotion channel to support each other);
  • Creation/Optimization of promotion channels (name, bio, description, cover, profile picture, highlights, mood board: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google MyBusiness, Twitter);
  • SEO-optimized blog articles with their upload to the blog;
  • Photo-video production and post-production;
  • Adapted social media posts on each channel (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google MyBusiness, Twitter - with everything scheduled/with visuals/videos included);
  • Stories on different channels (with everything programmed);
  • Email marketing campaigns;
  • Materials for data capture (example: ebook);
  • Thinking and managing ADS campaigns (Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn);
  • Management and monthly reports;
  • Facebook/ LinkedIn business page growth automations;
  • Automations through ManyChat (Whatsapp/ Instagram);
  • Advertising (Offline Advertising, Media & PR);
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The GoTech World 2023 experience is clear proof that we do what we do well.

We talked about omnichannel innovations and strategies in the context of modern business.
Between November 8-9, 2023, the MabIT team participated in GoTech World, held at Romexpo Bucharest. The event was an essential platform for learning, networking and discovering new perspectives in the field of technology.
MabIT representatives, Bianca Stan and Marina Cașcaval, shared their expertise in business and marketing on the Retail & e-Commerce scene. MabIT's presence was also strengthened through a dedicated stand, facilitating direct interaction with interested participants.

The steps we go through together

Our process is designed based on over 4 years of Marketing Outsourcing experience

Clarity and consultation

We discuss current challenges, needs and goals. You receive support to bring order to the business and products, so that we can then set goals that we can achieve together.

Personalized plan

We analyze and build branding and strategy through thinking, not ideas, and determine concrete actions for the next three months.


We implement the foundation (learn more below) and the monthly tactics set according to the budget and the period in which you want to achieve your goals.

Monitoring and adjustment

We monitor performance and adjust actions for optimal results.

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How to identify the need you have and how much it costs you?

How to identify the need you have and how much it costs you?

In collaboration with more than 100 entrepreneurs (with businesses at the beginning and up to businesses with over 150 million euros in turnover), we tested, validated, adapted so that we managed to reach the ideal form to support business regardless of the level they are at.

Our recommendations are designed to meet different business needs.

Recommendation 1 - don't start doing marketing without having a solid foundation (Cost One Time)

Like when we build a house, it is necessary to have the foundation to be able to reach the roof. And it's the same in marketing. It requires aligning your business strategy with people's perception (branding) and what you want customers to say about your business (marketing). If you have the foundation, everyone will build towards the plan with a focus on the bottom line. 

Recommendation 2 - consider omnichannel marketing actions through a quarterly plan

Omnichannel means that each promotion channel supports each other (it's more than multichannel promotion).

To bring results, we start from a basic (which is not negotiable, it is a minimum without which you cannot hope for sales). Then depending on the budget and depending on the time in which the results are desired, we propose additional actions and I gave an example to make it easy to understand.

1. Branding / Rebranding

Required hours: 40-50 hours
50 Hour
  • Consulting for establishing market positioning and perception.
  • Complete brand manual with simulations on different materials (logo, colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Logo + pattern in all necessary formats (AI, EPS, PNG, JPG)
  • Graphic design for: business cards, email signature, letterhead.
  • *optional other graphic elements: rollup, banners, folders, t-shirts, brochures, flyers, etc. - charged per hour separately.

2. Marketing Strategy

Required hours: 40-45 hours
50 Hour
  • Consultancy for clarification of business and products.
  • Competition analysis, market niche determination and ideal customer analysis.
  • Analyze strategic partnerships to achieve objectives.
  • Analyze current situation, objectives and steps to achieve them.
  • 3-month omnichannel planning: Website, Social Media, Email marketing, Paid ads, Business account growth automations, ManyChat automations

3. Web design

Required hours: 35-40 hours
50 Hour
  • Creating the direction of user experience (UX) according to the marketing strategy.
  • The structure of the site and each individual page.
  • Graphic Design

4. Website Development / Restoration

Required hours: 55-65 hours
50 Hour
  • Web hosting
  • SEO analysis
  • Creation of SEO optimized text content on page + visual content
  • Website development in WordPress
  • Required integrations (payment modules, invoicing, CRM - Brevo/Klaviyo)
  • Creation and activation of automated email flows (e.g. newsletter subscription)
  • Basic SEO settings: Ensuring the site is indexed, Optimizing loading performance, Meta descriptions and optimized titles, Implementing and configuring Google Analytics and Search Console, Creating and sending the XML sitemap

5. Monthly collaboration proposal (after we have the foundation)


Required hours: average 60 hours/month
50 Hour
  • Monthly planning on 3 channels: 5 hours
  • Creation/optimization of the 3 promotion channels: 4.5 hours
  • 2 blog articles SEO optimized and uploaded to the blog: 6 hours
  • 10-12 social media posts on 3 channels: 12 hours
  • Thinking and managing ADS (two-channel lead generation) campaigns: 30 hours
  • or Thinking and managing ADS campaigns (purchasing on one channel): 20 hours + automations via ManyChat (Whatsapp): 6 hours required
  • Management and basic reports: 5 hours


Hours required: average 100-115 hours/month
50 Hour
  • Monthly planning on 5 channels: 7 hours
  • Create/optimize those 5 promotion channels: 7.5 hours
  • 2 blog articles SEO optimized and uploaded to the blog: 6 hours
  • 12-16 social media posts on 5 channels: 20 hours
  • 20-30 stories on 3 channels: 5-6 hours
  • An email marketing campaign (3-5 emails): 5-6 hours
  • Material for data capture (ebook): 8 hours
  • Thinking and managing ADS (two-channel lead generation) campaigns: 30 hours
  • or Thinking and managing ADS campaigns (purchase on two channels - Google & FB): 40 hours
  • Management and basic reports: 5 hours
  • One channel business page growth automations (FB/ LinkedIN): 2-4 hours
  • Automations via ManyChat(Whatsapp, Instagram): 6 hours

6. To all of the above, in partnership with MabEvents the following are added:

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