SALES IN 2023?

We offer you a powerful tool where you will find key questions that will make you aware of the change you are bringing to your customers and WHAT they are looking to buy from you. Taking the time to respond will give you the CLARITY you need in your business.

We came to define these questions after 2 and a half years of collaborations with numerous entrepreneurs from different industries, and they will complement your vision and business model and help you make decisions related to the service/product. In addition, thanks to these questions you will save time and money through marketing actions.

Digital marketing is based on the 3Cs: Who (I am), What (I sell), To whom (I sell).

Most entrepreneurs start promoting themselves without even putting down on paper WHAT they are actually SELLING and without knowing the change they are bringing to their customers' lives.
The biggest mistake encountered here, it is that most entrepreneurs promote themselves by exposing their products/services as solutions to a possible problem that their customers face without knowing what the "trigger" actually is to buy, the focus being on the solution not the problem.

In this online eBook you will learn:

How do I make my business known?

Did you know that the relationship between consumers and brands is the key to success for entrepreneurs? And a relationship is based on TRUST the COMMUNICATION.

To achieve growth in the business both in the short term and in the long term, hybrid marketing tells us to develop branding and marketing strategy TOGETHER. Treated together, NOT individually, it effectively strengthens the potency of each and you will gain CUSTOMER TRUST faster.

What is the difference between branding and marketing?

Imagine that marketing means asking someone out on a date with you again the branding is why he will say yes 😊.

Professionally, marketing helps you reach people, too the branding it represents people's experience with your business.

We live in a time where online presence is no longer optional.

Thanks to this eBook you will learn how to win the trust of your customers

In a 2021 article in Forbes, it emerged that 70% of consumers said they believed trust in a brand is more important today than it was in the past and is the purchasing decision maker.

In the eBook you will learn how to gain the trust of customers by following the 4 steps:

The briefing part is the most important and represents this eBook! Here you will find key questions to make you aware what is the change you bring to your customers the WHAT are they looking to buy from you?

This step is based on the analysis of the 5Cs: Cbinders, competitors, context, ccollaborators, ccompany.

It is a complex process and is beyond the scope of this eBook.

Planning means setting strategic direction along with channel-by-channel tactics. 

It is a complex process that requires specific skills and is beyond the scope of this eBook. 

Here is the action! We make things happen. We develop/adapt the website to take them into account 3C: clear, capture, convert, we take over social media pages, implement paid campaigns, email marketing and more.

Entrepreneurs do NOT have to do digital marketing, but to have successful businesses they must: 

  • … understand what goes into marketing and what doesn't;
  • … knows what to ask of a Marketing team (internal or agency);
  • … knows what to expect to be developed by this team (as a system behind Marketing actions); 
  • … understand what results to predict from Marketing actions;

The briefing stage contributes to these points, and we, the team MabIT, we can contribute in the following stages (research, planning, implementation).

The eBook contains 80% of the briefing step which is also the most important. The difference from 20% is represented by the outline of the ideal client in the complete mode (in the eBook you will find a summarized version). 
If you answer the questions in the "Briefing" stage, you will get the clarity you need for the next steps: research, planning and implementation through which we can go through the course together #buildYourDigitalBusiness.