Develop a mobile app native Android from A to Z, step by step and with all the guidance you need!
The course worth 2000 eur/person is offered FREE OF CHARGE employees from small and medium companies (up to 249 employees) whose activity is included in the national competitiveness strategy (SNC).

Did you know that in 2020 the penetration rate of mobile phones in Romania was 131%?

Which means that a lot of people own more than one mobile device.

As Romanian companies digitize and adapt to market demands, the use of mobile applications for business is also expected to increase. So, many Romanian companies develops mobile applications to maintain relevance the provide a shopping experience or of better interaction with their customers.

The course starts on September 25!


Course duration: 7 weeks

If you are interested, please contact us through the contact form and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours. 

Why this course is free of charge?

The course is offered through Brașov Chamber of Commerce and Industry, inside the project Evolution through digitization - Improving the skills of SME employees in the Central Region, project co-financed by Human Capital Operational Program.
companies they began to see opportunity in having their own mobile apps, but CHALLENGE their right now is the one related to costs, how much does it take to invest in developing a native mobile app? Your company has opportunity promote, streamline and be closer to your ideal customers through a mobile app with just a time investment, using current resources! Get competitive!

A mobile app help to increase in sales, Actions for improvement the client fidelity the cost efficiency because...

Why learn to develop a native mobile app?

Things are moving at an incredible pace and speed from the Internet to mobile applications. In the near future, if a person she will be forced to choose between giving up his favorite websites or applications, more than likely will prefer to keep their applications.
The real reason we need mobile, wherever we are, is simply that we have become addicted to our "electronic pacifier".

If you want a career as a programmer, mobile apps are definitely in demand.

How is it structured course?

Duration: 7 weeks
4 hours a day (two with us, two individually), by LV
September 25 - November 8


  • Definition of application purpose: facilitating internal processes and communication between teams and the client;
  • Native mobile apps vs hybrid mobile apps;
  • What is the business concept - business objective;
  • Week 1

    Bianca Stan, Cosmin Lolu


  • What is the technical concept - what technologies do we use and why?
  • Application design presentation, IOS and Android standard components;
  • The first steps in Android/IOS development, what tools do we use?
  • Week 1

    Bianca Stan, Cosmin Lolu


  • Basic concepts in OOP and how we use them in mobile;
  • Application development based on design and technical concept.
  • Week 2-7

    Cosmin Lolu


  • Manual testing;
  • Automatic testing;
  • Go to Google/Apple Store;
  • Week 9

    Bianca Stan, Cosmin Lolu

    Who will deliver this course?

    Digital Strategist | Senior Android Programmer | Senior IOS Programmer

    Bianca Stan Digital Strategist

    It defines and presents the steps prior to the development of a mobile application (how to build the solution, which finally materializes into the two native Android and IOS mobile applications).

    It will show how and what designers and programmers get to be able to work efficiently.

    He has proven knowledge through diplomas, experience in programming and digital strategies of at least 7 years.

    Cosmin Lolu Senior Android Developer

    Establishes course structure and learning support based on agreed application concept and design.

    It develops the application with the learners and guides them step by step so that they acquire the necessary skills to develop a native Android mobile application.

    He has a technical faculty and a specific experience of at least 7 years in the development of native mobile applications for Android operating systems.

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