We treat your business as if it were our own!

We support entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through complete digital solutions.

We are 18 people in the MabIT team and we cover 3 large areas, namely:

IT solutions

Web Development

Mobile Development

Digital Marketing

Branding/marketing/communication/campaigns strategy

Implementation of strategies 




Our skills

What skills do we have?

IT solutions are thought of by one Business Architect certificate TOGAF.

Our programmers have at least 5 years of experience and know technologies such as:

We find IT Solutions at over

between customers.

Digital Marketing Solutions are thought of by one Marketing Strategist which ensures that the established plan is correctly implemented on all communication channels.

We find marketing solutions in excess

between customers.

Know the MabIT team

We believe that in order to provide value it is important to have valuable people around us.

Through trust the respect mutually, o transparent communication, passion, high vision, continuing education the perseverance, we manage to develop relationships more than in the interest of business. 

A smart market is looking for entrepreneurs who understand it.

What is the difference between a mediocre business and a great one? 

Attention must be in two directions, on:

  • consumer… how much we contribute to the lives of consumers through what we do, and be careful to tell our story through marketing,
  • but also on trends ... this is where most entrepreneurs don't really focus their attention = does not take advantage of technology.

Does your business set the tone or do you follow the trends? The one who sets the tone is always one step ahead.

Strategie de Marketing

Bianca Stan

Co-Founder/ Digital Strategist/ Project Manager

Marian Stan

Co-Founder/Operational Manager

Andrei Sunday

Project Manager

Julian U.

Business Architect

Cosmin L.

Android Developer

Daniel C.

IOS Developer

Andrei C.

Web Developer

Strategie de Marketing

Diana A.

Strategic marketing

Roxana Ş.

Strategic marketing

Bianca T.

Content Writer

Marina C

Content Writer

Strategie de Marketing

Gabi S.

Graphic Designer

Marius B.

Graphic Designer

Marius N.

WordPress Developer

Denis I.

WordPress Developer

Strategie de Marketing

Cosmin C.

ADS Specialist

Aurelia C.

Google ADS Specialist

Marius B.


Who trusts MabIT?

We work with a variety of industries from all the segments and categories. Our clients came from different areas from manufacturing, services, IT, hospitality, healthcare to education and more.

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