We are glad that digitization of the Rosebonbon business last time it aroused so much interest and that he liked the idea.

Today we will talk about:

  1. What other business is most likely to disappear from the market in the coming years?
  2. What business are we digitizing today?
  3. The industry trend of the chosen business.
  4. How can your business also transform if it is part of the same industry (hospitality)?

We were saying that our goal through these episodes of #eraDigitală is to make you realize how far you can take your business, to promote you and to show you ideas to differentiate yourself from the competition. We will try to create a vision for your business that you may not have thought of.

We want to help you figure out how your industry is evolving, what the chances are that your current business will go out of business in the coming years, and how much you'll need to transform.

And if you're not an entrepreneur yet or maybe you don't fit into the digital business, we're sure you'll still be left with some interesting information.

Last time I mentioned that vulcanizations are likely to disappear because of the invention of smart tires.

What other job is in danger of disappearing? Accountants may disappear in a few years because, sooner than we expect, many jobs will be automated.

What business are we digitizing today?

For today we have chosen a business that is very good in terms of digitization, but it caught our attention, we liked it and we want to make it known. I want to tell a little about what will happen to the hotel industry following this pandemic.

The business we will digitize today is Alpine House – which has a very cool concept. It is an eco-friendly home designed and built using materials and technology that reduce its carbon and energy footprint. It has a high level of thermal insulation, electric underfloor heating, eco lights, solar panel, eco boiler and septic tank. How else can this business be improved to better meet the needs of customers, but also maintain its position in the market? You will find the answer in the following lines.

But before you "digitize" Alpine House , let's talk a little about:

What is the trend in this industry caused, or better said, due to the pandemic?

Customer suspicion of room cleaning will continue for many years to come. Hotel chains and guesthouses have already changed and improved all sanitation procedures, and the pre-pandemic normal will no longer exist.

More and more people will tend to escape the congestion of big cities, focusing on quiet areas, surrounded by nature such as guesthouses or glamping resorts. so, Alpine House, get ready! People will be looking for you.

Also following the pandemic context, people will begin to understand the importance of the concept of combining the useful with the pleasant. Bill Gates says that over 50% of business travel will disappear, and employees will work in the office 30% less than in the pre-pandemic period.

In addition to the care of having a good customer care, hotels and guesthouses encounter another inconvenience, namely, the multitude of applications that must be used in order to manage them. Internal management, sourcing, invoicing, camera access, promotion, everything is managed under different applications.

Of course, in the near future, a platform will appear, another smart business, which will include all these applications and through which the owners and managers of guesthouses and hotels will make their work much easier.

There are many aspects to develop on this topic, but today's article would already be too long. We could also add information about the climate and the transformation of hostels to be as eco-friendly as possible, about flexibility, i.e. thinking outside the box and even offering customers the possibility to adapt the size of their rooms according to their needs + smart devices (smart mirrors for example – while brushing your teeth you can watch your favorite show), plus information regarding space and information security.

A summary of the hotel industry trend is:

  1. Sanitation comes first.
  2. Escape from the big cities to private locations with very good conditions that combine both relaxation and work.
  3. An intelligent business that will appear to facilitate the internal management of guesthouses and hotels.
  4. Transforming and offering eco solutions, flexibility, technology and security.

Given the trend, how can Alpine House to improve their services, but how can your business transform if you own a guesthouse?

The guesthouses/hotels of the future fall into 5 major categories and yes, the pandemic has definitely changed customers and their expectations. The future will be more than ever about people and connectivity and there will be a split in the market.

  • Some guesthouses will want to integrate new customer experiences – this means that they will go on developing external partnerships that offer a variety of environments that focus on the mood of the guests. Sound complicated? For example: bringing in yoga instructors, aromatherapy, private chefs, private violin recitals, the requests will be more and more interesting. And if the guesthouse owners come up with proposals like this, they will surprise their customers in a very pleasant and exclusive way.
  • Others will differentiate themselves through networking. Hmm.. what do you mean Bianca? They will basically form their personal brand around the interaction between guests. They will no longer offer exclusivity, but on the contrary, they will actually encourage interacting with different people and thus creating new connections to attract businesses to the location. How? Either through themed events or specially created occasions to get guests to interact.
  • Other guesthouses/hotels could be cultural integrators…that is, the location will expand outside of itself, calling on neighbors and forming a community from which more interactions will result. The neighbor integrates by offering other local cultures. For example, to encourage the development of the local economy by buying from the farmers or promoting local attractions, even organizing events, without being limited to the location itself.
  • Pensions with the role of an architect - when we were talking about flexibility, here will come those owners who will think outside the box, literally. These hotels will integrate multifunctional spaces inside the location optimizing every corner, but not stopping there. They will develop connections in all nearby surroundings to satisfy both customers who want a private and simple room, as well as those who would like a luxurious apartment.
  • Pensions/ Hotels integrating processes. Here will be those gurus of the industry who will manage to integrate both services and experiences for guests that perfectly combine the business side with the relaxation side. For example, he will offer the service of picking up the client from the airport, having everything ready at the time of his arrival or providing him with a taxi exactly at the requested time.  

Which of these opportunities is best suited for Alpine House? But for you? Do you want to offer new experiences to customers? Encourage them to develop interactions with other people? To help your community to grow as well? Or develop partnerships with all the surrounding hotels and guesthouses and why not, maybe you want to offer business people a carefree stay because you take care of everything?

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