Do you want to take your business to the next level?

We DON'T just create a website. We DON'T just devise a promotion plan. We DON'T just run ADS or an email marketing campaign.

We follow the steps below and build a strategy that we apply consistently across all the appropriate channels.

That's why we created the MabKIT and Hire a MabIT solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients in the field of digital marketing.

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MabKit: A focused and intensive solution, designed for companies that need a well-defined and quickly implemented marketing strategy.

It includes consultancy, training, and video production, making MabKit the ideal choice for companies that want to enhance their online presence in a coherent and efficient way.

Hire a MabIT: An all-in-one solution for companies seeking an integrated marketing approach without the need to hire a full team.

It provides marketing expertise at the cost of a single employee, making it a cost-effective option for companies looking to optimize their marketing strategy.

What are the steps to success?

The customer journey with MabIT?


You gain CLARITY, because at this stage you benefit from two consulting sessions where we discover WHO you are – you as an entrepreneur, you as a person, you as a business; WHAT you sell – more than just a list, but understanding exactly what your customers are looking to buy from you and what motivates them to do so; WHO you sell to and where you should focus to achieve your goals.


We analyze the 5Cs: Competitors, Ideal Client, Context, Collaborators, Company – an assessment of the current situation (including SEO analysis).


We are only now beginning to think about the strategic direction to achieve our goals, key brand messages, channels and tactics on each one.

We tell you how the website should be structured and what each page should contain and how to grow your database of contacts.

We start by defining the strategic direction to achieve our goals, crafting key brand messages, and selecting the right channels and tactics for each.

We'll guide you on structuring your website and detailing what should be included on each page, as well as how to grow a database of contacts. We'll advise you on which Social Media channels to promote yourself and how they can support each other. We will show you that you can have a significant online presence with minimal involvement.

We'll talk about ADS budgets, email campaigns, and automate account growth. We'll show you that you can have an impactful online presence with minimal involvement.

We're talking about ADS budgets, email campaigns and automating account growth.


A plan holds no value until it's put into action. We support you in implementing everything we propose on your own or with your team (in some cases, we take over the implementation), we measure and adapt.

We want you to focus on business. We don't want you to be captive to the operational anymore. Entrepreneurs you don't have to do digital marketing yourself, but you do need to understand a few aspects. What have you understood so far?

Online marketing

MabIT solutions



... that automates, systematizes, scales, and establishes your business online.

We provide the COMPLETE SOLUTION to grow your business..

Digital Marketing​

Audit and consultancy

Find out where you are and where you want to go

Marketing strategies/ team training

Efficient organization for imminent results!

Video production and post-production

Following the tactics outlined in the strategy, we prepare all the video content that you will integrate into your website/social media and all the established promotional channels.

Digital Marketing


The image that sells you!

Marketing strategy

Efficient organization for imminent results! Website, SEO, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, ADS, account growth automations for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Strategy implementation

Where you need to be and what you need to say!

IT solutions

Business/ technical concept

The bridge between strategy and execution.

Web development

Solutions that bring your online presence to life!

Mobile App development

Be smart, keep up!


Why choose us?

We treat your business as if it were our own. Our solutions are 100% customized and tailored to your needs.
We don't want many customers, we want long-term clients.

Who trusts MabIT?

We serve a multitude of industries across all segments and categories. Our clients come from the manufacturing, services, IT, hospitality, medical, and educational sectors.