About the customer

  • Concept of School of Spiritual Elevation
  • Organization with extensive history - thousands of learners
  • Positive reputation
  • Quality courses/exclusive information
  • Guide to actually learning some skills to increase the quality of life
  • Organized and staged environment

Since we collaborate

We started the collaboration at end of February 2022 and currently we can say that we have developed a very beautiful relationship extended on several levels.

Mihai came to us because he felt that Romanian Society of Dowsing and Inforenergetics it needed a new direction and a different identity. Following the briefs and discussions we managed to rebrand an organization that had the same image since 1990. It was challenging to be able to please the people with seniority in the organization, but also the young ones who wanted a fresh perspective.

Services offered marketing strategy

So we started this collaboration with developing a rebranding, outlined in a brand manual and with o new marketing strategy.

I also worked on one Web Design.

I continued with strategy implementation on channels:

What does the client say about our collaboration?

"We ended up collaborating because we needed help with content writing, and then I was convinced of the professionalism and expertise and we ended up expanding the collaboration. It's easy for me to work with MabIT because I have all the answers in one place. I appreciated the proactivity and promptness in solving all requirements."



The brand manual includes the following:

Some other print screens from the manual:

Simulations on different materials

The marketing strategy was built following the structure:

The fears and frustrations of the ideal customer avatar

We want long-term collaborations. The Romanian Society of Dowsing and Inforenergetica still benefits from Marketing services, as well as of IT services and we are glad that we can contribute to the growth and success of the organization.

We offer marketing services in a personalized way based on consulting sessions in advance. Through #Hire_a_MabIT we provide the resources to promote your business correctly and efficiently.

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