From the desire to be left to bring results, we created a unique concept!

Through #hire_a_MabIT you have your entire marketing department at the cost of one employee!

Most of our current clients came to us when they were disappointed and tired of their experiences with other agencies. They felt stuck and didn't know what a proper promotion meant.

The biggest mistake is when the promotion is done without a strategic direction, without clear objectives and without being looked at uniformly across all channels. 

We start with two meetings where we tidy up and bring clarity. We find out WHAT your customers actually buy, WHO you are as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a business and WHO you sell to. 

Then we analyze the competitors, the ideal customer avatar, the context, possible collaborations and the current situation. 

Only now can we plan, set the objectives, what we measure, the strategic direction, the channels we promote ourselves on and the tactics on each.

We do NOT do just ADS, we do NOT do just a website or "send two emails"!

Strategy is essential and helps us gain clarity and prioritize!

Thanks to the strategy, you save time and money because you no longer promote with ideas, but with thinking!

You make better decisions in the long run too.

By #hire_a_MabIT you increase your sales and you get awareness that you want for your company.

Most of the entrepreneurs strongly believe that they do NOT need to understand the "power of online" and that classic marketing still works, although it is wrong. A smart market is looking for entrepreneurs who understand it. We help you understand it and reach it. 

Through our product

#hireAMabIT - Hire a MabIT

you your entire marketing department at the cost of an employee with experience in the field.

Do you want an offer?

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Hire a MabIT

Collaboration is B2B and you won't have an actual employee. We provide you with A TEAM OF SPECIALISTS to help you promote your business online.

MABIT employee = MABIT Team which allocates between 40-50 hours monthly to offer you all the services specific to a internal marketing department depending on the need.

*The contract is signed for a minimum of 6 months

what is he doing MabIT employee

#hire_a_MabIT is the "action man" who knows how to align branding with marketing, that is, what you say about your business/products/services be the same as what others say. That's what we really want, right? 

This is how you gain the trust of your potential customers and turn them into paying customers.

Know team that will work for you

And what responsibilities each member has

Project Manager

Liaises with the client and ensures that the set plan is followed and the objectives defined in the strategy are achieved.

Marketing Strategist

Who thinks the strategy following the points:
clarity -> analysis-> planning-> implementation.

Content Writers

Their superpower is communicating in writing the mission, vision, values, products and services you want to sell. With their help you will write in the language of your customers.

Web Developers

Following web tactics integrate changes into current site/build from scratch/add new sales pages.

ADS Specialists

Which strategizes campaigns, sets, reports and adapts according to results.

Graphic Designer

Who knows that "the image is what sells" and will integrate the identity of your brand in everything that means visual content in communication.

Photo-video production

Following the tactics in the strategy, we prepare all the video and photo content that we will integrate into the website/social media and all established promotion channels.

Linkedin, Facebook automations

Because we want to save you time, we automate the actions of growing accounts so that you also earn leads.

MabIT employee
is for you if:

You want clarity and execution

Get clarity in your business through a concrete plan to follow to achieve your goals;

You want a community

... around your brand. You want to see results behind your posts by increasing interactions, followers and of course leads; At the same time, we will also increase the database through email marketing.

Relevant presence

You want your business to have a relevant and constant presence in Social Media;

You want to educate

You want to educate your customers to make them understand what you offer;

You want more time

Delegate and gain time for what is important to you and your business;

You want new solutions and perspectives

We're proactive and creative in everything we do, and we won't shy away from exposing you to our way of thinking for your business.

WHYY advantageous choose a MabIT?

Don't waste time

To train him and integrate him into the business. He knows exactly what he has to do from the first day of work.

Don't ask for extra benefits

Such as meal vouchers, private medical insurance, gym memberships, etc.

You don't risk getting sick

Or to "let you down" when the world is dearer to you. Does not require vacation or medical leave.

You don't invest in his growth and education

Because we do it all the time.

Who trusts MabIT?

We work with a variety of industries from all the segments and categories. Our clients came from different areas from manufacturing, services, IT, hospitality, healthcare to education and more.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy