About the Customer

From IT to mushrooms and saunas.

The story started 14 years ago when Claudiu (convinced IT-ist at the time) felt that he wanted more and easily, easily chose the path of entrepreneurship.

The wood industry was not foreign to Claudiu. After the tiring schedule at the office, he relaxed by working as an apprentice in a carpentry workshop.

The satisfaction of making wooden objects and the passion led Claudiu to leave IT to become
entrepreneur. With the help of some funds, he followed his dream of having a carpentry workshop.

The beginning of the collaboration

Our relationship with Joy Spa it started in February 2023, when I had the pleasure of meeting Claudiu at a business event. It was an instant connection that culminated in the start of our collaboration in May 2023. Since then, we have worked closely to build a strong brand, an effective marketing strategy, an attractive online store, and manage Joy Spa's social media presence and through advertising campaigns, all complemented by automations to support our strategy.

The marketing strategy was built following the structure:

Customer avatars

Competition analysis


Colaboration with Joy Spa is a testament to how MabIT embraces and leverages authentic entrepreneurial stories. Together, we created a marketing strategy that reflects the passion and craftsmanship behind each Joy Spa product, turning them into a digital experience as high-quality and memorable as the saunas and tubs they offer.

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