Experience GoTech World 2023: Innovations and Omnichannel Strategies

gotech world 2023

  Between November 8-9, 2023, part of the mabTeam participated in GoTech World, at Romexpo Bucharest. Our participation in GoTech World 2023 was an opportunity to learn and meet people, but also to discover new perspectives in technology. Our colleagues, Bianca and Marina, have […]

Why haven't you gotten me any sales after three months of posting?

I would like to start by clarifying WHEN this question comes up. We have received this question ONLY from clients who: have a new business (launched a few months ago) or who have not had much of an online presence before; who have invested in a marketing strategy, in the creation of a branding and a website, and the expectation […]

Digitization of the Casa Alpina business

We are glad that the digitization of the Rosebonbon business last time aroused so much interest and that you liked the idea. Today we will talk about: We were saying that our goal through these episodes of #eraDigitală is to make you realize how far you can take your business, to promote you and expose you to ideas to [...]

How To Make Profit Online In Just 3 Months

From the experience with our clients, we have come to the conclusion that after 3 months you can generate sales from online even if your business is at the beginning. There is no guaranteed recipe though and it definitely involves work. We will tell you today what are the steps you should follow if you want to [...]

Digitization of the Rosebonbon business

The purpose of #eraDigitală episodes is to provide valuable content. We want to provide valuable information through them, which will help you from a practical point of view, not just theoretically. Our objective is to make you realize how far you can take your business, to promote you and [...]

How video content has grown online

If in the past lessons of #eraDigitala we talked about the importance of websites and mobile applications in your marketing strategy, today we focus on content. Along with text and images, video content has become very popular and is perhaps the most powerful tool in online marketing. Here's what this blog article covers: How to […]

What is a native mobile app?

Last time, in the #eraDigitala section, we talked about the fact that people interact with businesses through websites and that it is a necessity for them to be mobile friendly. An effective marketing strategy includes more than optimizing the website to work in a responsive manner, and in order to retain customers, a large part of the business […]