Last time, in the #eraDigitala section, we talked about the fact that people interact with businesses through websites and that it is a necessity for them to be mobile friendly. An effective marketing strategy includes more than optimizing the website to work in a responsive manner, and in order to retain customers, a large part of businesses choose to invest in mobile applications. 

But how can a mobile app actually help your business?

Today we will talk about:

  • The difference between a mobile friendly website and a native mobile application.
  • The unique benefits that mobile apps provide.
  • How to tell if a mobile app is right for your business?

Your mobile friendly website is the same whether viewed on a mobile or a laptop and doesn't offer anything extra, it's just built to look and work well on smaller screens.

Visitors access your site from a browser on both their phone and laptop. Instead, native mobile apps must be downloaded and installed.


The benefits that a mobile app brings to your business are countless. You don't have to take my word for it now, that's why I'll give you some real and concrete examples:

Imagine that you have opened a store and you want to develop a mobile application to make selling easier.

One of the benefits of mobile apps is that you can send messages to people directly on your phone even when I'm not using the app. These are called push notifications. You can use them when you want to send your customers reminders, announce a special offer or even a new product.

Your application may also have a loyalty program. For example, when your customers buy through the app they can receive points that can later be converted into money or products.

Through the mobile app, the purchase method can be simplified with just a few taps, then the app can use the GPS of the customer's phone to guide them and help them get to you much faster. 

Of course, these are just a few examples. There are countless ways your business can benefit if you decide to develop your own mobile app.

do you believe me now If so, let's see how you get started. First, you need to think about your goals as a business and what you want people to get on the phone. You may identify a goal that could be achieved much more easily with the help of a mobile application and realize that your website that is also mobile friendly fulfills different purposes.

This could be your next step to online success.

So let's summarize:

  • A mobile app can extend your website by helping your business achieve specific goals
  • A native mobile app for your business can make your customers loyal by actually being able to communicate with them and help them buy what you sell much more easily

Aren't you already thinking about what it would be like to have your own mobile app?

You have a few options:

  • You can call on a freelancer to help you with development, if you know exactly what you want and how you want it
  • Or you can call us and we can help you with the whole process, through the package #buildYourApp. Starting from the business concept, then the technical one followed by the development, testing and finally launching the application in the market. We then support you with related marketing to reach the desired number of users.

Stay with us to grow your business! If you need help designing a mobile app, don't hesitate to contact us contact.

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