From the experience with our clients, we have come to the conclusion that after 3 months you can generate sales from online even if your business is at the beginning. There is no guaranteed recipe though and it definitely involves work. Today we will tell you the steps you should follow if you want to be successful online as soon as possible.

But before I want to add something.

When we talk about growing a business, whether online or offline, you have to think in two directions.

1. Yes, we are in the digital age and you have to use technology

2. But more important than point 1 is your personal development on the entrepreneurial side

The two go hand in hand and you won't be able to grow your business if you don't take the time to develop. The level of your business is given by your level.

Unfortunately, many emphasize the technological component so much that they don't even take the first step in this direction, or if they do, they get stuck at the second one, panicked by the avalanche of information they have to digest. So I blame... technology: "I don't have the information. I don't have the inside secrets."

We are going to show you 5 very easy steps to follow, but remember that people who are not entrepreneurs but want to become, are afraid of change (of starting new stages), they are afraid of the unknown.

Those who want to be entrepreneurs... need external impulses to get down to business.

Now if you'll have the information, if I'm here as proof that I've succeeded following a few ticks on a list... why would you need other impulses to act?

Or this is the psychological component that we often underestimate. That's why I say that if you want to grow your business, you must first of all continuously educate yourself.

Today's episode is on the method of a set of steps for you to follow.

If you have followed these steps, the money has already started coming into your account and you have the experience to take you to level two, where you will be able to specialize even more and provide VALUE.

So what are the first steps to making money online?

Step number 1 – Domain, Hosting, Site

Going over the stage where you defined your personal brand, you know your ideal customers, we start directly from how to reach them as quickly as possible.

Buy a domain, the name of your website (if you don't already have it). Then if you decide to make your own website, you need to look for hosting and learn how to make a website in WordPress (the simplest version that does not require technical knowledge) or turn to us let us help you.

Make sure the information on your site is as clear as possible and prompts visitors to take the action you want, either call you or buy online. Once people get to your site, you have it for nothing if it doesn't do its job. His job is to bring your leads to you and help you identify why they aren't converting. So it would be useful to add Google Analytics and Google Trends to this step.

Step number 2- Mailchimp account

This step is the key in internet business.

You don't have to leave this step for later. This way you build a list of prospects, of people who are really interested in what you have to offer. If you don't do this, the traffic will be lost without you being able to recover it. Here you have absolute control and you can contact people even if Facebook disappears tomorrow. So they won't disappear.

Then you need something of value to offer in exchange for the email. This is called an "ethical bribe"... that is, an ethical bribe because you choose his email address, and he will benefit from information that will help him in his field.

Then with the help of an autoresponder like Mailchimp or Aweber, you will notify them when you have new material or launch a product or offer. In this way you will keep in touch with them and you will be able to create a close connection between you (the specialist) and them (those interested in your field).

Step 3 – constant value content

Now that you have a list of prospects you need to regularly send them valuable content that helps them. Only in this way can you raise the bar and increase your list to hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people. I post to my sites twice a week and I can see in the stats that every time I don't post, the number of people signing up to my list goes down.

The articles on the blog will be commented by the interested people, those who are delighted with the information provided, will forward it to their friends, if they are also interested, they will take your material for free and will be added to your list.

As a benchmark, to give you an idea, in 3 months between 300 and 1500 people can be gathered in the list.

These are prospects, people who are interested in your field and to whom you will be able to sell or recommend, at some point, a product.

Step 4 – needs identification questionnaire

This step is often ignored and unfortunately it is essential to take it into account.

Now that the site is built to grow it's your job to bridge the gap between you and the people you have on your list. You need to identify their needs.

The chaotic method of earning online says you make your website, gather people then sell them something… but the correct method is to make the website, gather people then ask them what they want, find out what their frustrations are. Only then after you really know your audience will you take the site in the right direction, but you can also make the products they want to sell (not wanted or guessed by you).

So in this step, you make questionnaires in which you ask them questions about their needs, their opinion about your site, you ask them questions about the needs they have in that field and what their expectations are.

You choose a percentage from the list (there is no point in sending to the whole list) and ask for their help. You will be surprised to see how many people will answer you. You can instead give them another valuable material as a reward.

Once you collect their answers, you will better understand their needs and you will no longer take the site where you want, but where your customers want.

Once the questionnaire is done, you can already think about selling a product to get income.

The last step, step no. 5 – Monetization

You can monetize in two ways:

1. Either sell through affiliate and get commission – that is, you send your list product recommendations and you receive a percentage of the sales generated.

2. Either launch your own products to sell.

Conclusion. Why 3 months?

Because in a single month you can have the website ready and materials already published, because in 1-3 months you can gather a list big enough to be able to sell, either through affiliation or through your own products.

If you need help, be on the side of marketing strategies or on the area of website do not hesitate to contact us. The package #buildYourBusiness it is designed so that you have a profitable business in the shortest time.

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