About the customer

Atasagon is a detoxification and well-being center in Brașov, with 7 years of experience, which focuses on restoring the balance between body, mind and soul. With a holistic approach and a mission to promote health and wellness, Atasagon is a valuable partner in the MabIT portfolio.

The beginning of the collaboration

Our collaboration started when Petru and Alina came to us with the need for branding and mobile design for the application they are developing Attachment in partnership with the Brașov Diabetes Center. From here we started a beautiful collaboration that also extended to marketing services.

The marketing strategy was built following the structure:

I worked closely with the team Attachment to develop a personalized marketing strategy, including mobile design that we have successfully implemented. Thus, we contributed to strengthening their online presence and promoting detoxification and well-being services. We are happy to be part of their success story and continue to provide them with solutions for business growth.