About the customer

Authentic Gift is not just a gift shop, but a dedicated team that aims to turn every gift into an unforgettable memory. With a personalized approach, Autentic Gift creates not just products, but memorable experiences, with each gift an expression of important moments in customers' lives.

The beginning of our collaboration

Our partnership with Authentic Gift started in March 2023, right after Emanuel was inspired by our workshop #BuildYourDigitalBusiness. Without hesitation, we laid the foundation for a collaboration that has grown rapidly, combining Authentic Gift's vision with our expertise.

The marketing strategy was built following the structure

Competition analysis


MabIT and Authentic Gift share a common mission: to bring value and meaning through everything we do. Through our collaboration, we were able to create an online presence that reflects the authenticity and passion of Autentic Gift for gifts that stay in people's hearts.

If you want to make your mark on what really matters, contact ne and turn your intentions into reality.