Embrace the future of your business in just 4 days: from confusion to action, discover the power of omnichannel strategy to revitalize and synchronize all your marketing channels!

Omnichannel means to be present on several promotion channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, Website, paid ads, email marketing, but also offline... and each channel to be supported by the other.



This workshop it is for you if you also think the following...

Through the Workshop Build Your Digital Business you get:

Clear strategy

A marketing plan with a long-term vision and 3-month goals, tailored to your needs. You know exactly what we will measure and what results to expect.


Find out how to bring everything in one place so that management is as easy as possible. We increase the efficiency of your business accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.


We're not just about marketing. You will learn how to work and how to delegate effectively to your team, but also how to motivate the people you work with.

Quality content

You will learn how to make high-impact content in a short time and with as little effort as possible.

Omnichannel presence

We ensure that you will provide a smooth and clear experience to your customers, regardless of the channel through which they choose to interact with your brand (online and offline).

Effective advertising

We also talk about ADS and how to increase results through each promotion channel.

LINEAR MARKETING it does not work anymore!

Customers are more knowledgeable than before.

The sales cycle is longer now...they only end up buying after 60 days! during which he interacted with the brand constantly.

More specifically... buy after a minimum of 34 interactions. Realistic after 50!

They want control over how they interact with the brand - rather than being forced into a funnel and pressured to buy on X day.

Why have one strategy marketing omnichannel?

What does the workshop include? #BYDB3?

An amazing place, valuable people, delicious food and of course, your strategy for the next 3 months.

What do the participants of the workshop in March and September say?

Places are reserved with a minimum partial payment of 1000 lei 
12 places available

*Reduced price until the end of November
Full price: 4000 LEI

3500 LEI / person*

It's time stop losing money for lack of a strategy!

In a secluded place, away from the noise of national roads and crowds, at Recanto guesthouse in a picturesque environment overlooking the Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului.

When? From March 28-31, 2024.

Where? Founded, Brașov county.

What is included? Accommodation, meals and all the know-how through which you will outline your omnichannel promotion strategy for your business... and more!



Recanto guesthouse

Founded, Brașov county

March 28-31, 2024

I have decided! I want to the workshop

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Recanto guesthouse

Founded, Brașov county

September 21-24

I have decided! I want to the workshop

Please contact us through the contact form and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours.