The entire marketing department at the cost of one employee. Limited to 12 customers. Are you one of them?

Do you want to grow your business but you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of digital marketing?
Hire a MabIT is your all-in-one solution to have a complete marketing department at the cost of a single employee. And yes, we are selective: we only work with 12 clients on this solution to ensure we offer the highest quality and because we want long-term partnerships.

Hire a MabIT is for you if you also think the following....

Through Hire a MabIT you get:

Clear strategy

A marketing plan with a long-term vision and 3-month goals, tailored to your needs. You know exactly what we will measure and what results to expect.

Technical expertise

From branding, web development, SEO, Social Media Management, email marketing, ADS and even native mobile application development. We cover everything!

Omnichannel presence

We ensure that you will provide a smooth and clear experience to your customers, regardless of the channel through which they choose to interact with your brand (online and offline).

Quality content

Blog articles, video production and editing, posts in all formats and so we increase your visibility.


We bring everything in one place so that management is as easy as possible. We increase the efficiency of your business accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Effective advertising

We create sales funnels and optimize your ADS campaigns for maximum ROI.

We don't just do ADS, we don't just create a website, or simply 'send two emails'!

We don't take any marketing action without a well-thought-out strategy, and we implement it on ALL channels.

What the solution includes Hire a MabIT?

Strategy and Implementation

Thanks to the strategy, you save time and money because you no longer promote with ideas, but with thinking!

Omnichannel strategy integrates all channels to deliver a seamless and consistent experience to your customers.

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Meet team Hire a MabIT

And what responsibilities each member has

Digital Strategist

Think strategy following the points:
clarity -> analysis-> planning-> implementation.

Project Manager

Liaises with the client and ensures that the set plan is followed and the objectives defined in the strategy are achieved.

Marketing Analyst

Analyze competitors, possible partnerships, context to find opportunities, ideal customers and current company situation.

Content Writer

Diana's superpower is communicating in writing the mission, vision, values, products and services you want to sell. With its help you will write in the language of your customers.

Photo-video production

Following the tactics in the strategy, we prepare all the video and photo content that we will integrate into the website/social media and all established promotion channels.

Graphic Designers

Who know that "image is what sells". They build the brand and will integrate its identity into everything that means visual content in communication.

ADS Specialists

Who strategize paid campaigns, set, report and adjust based on results.

Linkedin, Facebook automations

Because we want to save you time, we automate the actions of growing accounts so that you also earn leads.

Web Developers

Following web tactics integrate changes into current site/build from scratch/add new sales pages.

Who trusts MabIT?

We have supported over 100 businesses to grow through marketing services, from start-ups to businesses with over 50 million euros in turnover, from various fields.

Words often heard from our customers

"You were the best decision I made for my business."

"You're my in-house marketing department, but without all the hassle of staffing."

"The 3 month strategy you created for me was a game-changer."

"Finally, I can focus on what I do best while you do the marketing."

“You've covered all the bases: from SEO to social media and email marketing. It's amazing!"

"Constant feedback and adjustments make me feel like I'm in good hands."

"I finally found an agency that not only executes, but also thinks strategically for me, and who are not 'hit and bill'."

“The value I get for the price I pay is incredible.

"I feel like part of a community, not just a customer."

We don't do any marketing without having a well thought out strategy. We offer a complete package, from consulting and strategy to implementation, which includes: website development, SEO on page, email marketing, organic social media (Youtube, Youtube shorts, Google my Business, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest) and paid (Facebook ADS, Google ADS, Tik Tok ADS) and up to automations for growing business accounts in Facebook and Linkedin.

Hire a MabIT - The service is priced at 10,000 lei/month + VAT and is limited to a maximum of 12 clients to ensure quality and represents your entire marketing department at the cost of one employee with experience in the field.

No, we do not impose contracts for a minimum period, because we know that after you get to know us, you will not want to part with us, on the contrary 🙂 We don't say it, our customers do.

We are committed to working closely with you to adapt and improve your strategy until you see the results you want.

We produce a variety of videos, from expert, educational to interviews and podcasts. Everything is moderated and supported to be able to film successfully even if you have discomfort in exposing yourself. We guarantee that it will be a pleasant process and you will want to repeat the experience.

Success stories

Through the portfolio you can have a better understanding of how we have contributed to the success of our clients' businesses.

Everything in one place 🌟

Cost efficient: A complete marketing department for the price of one employee.

exclusiveness: Limited to 12 customers to ensure quality of service.

Strategy with 3-month goals and long-term vision: A clear and coherent plan to grow your business.

Complete expertise: Web development, mobile, SEO, email marketing, social media and more.

Quality content: Blog articles, email marketing and video production included.

Automations: We bring leads in one place and increase the efficiency of your business accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Are you ready to transform your business?

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy