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We bring the EXPERTISE, you are the DIFFERENTIATOR: A complete Marketing package from strategy to implementation and follow-up.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With MabKIT, you benefit from consulting, training for your team, quality video production and a detailed follow-up. All in just two months! Discover below how we can support you to reach your goals!

MabKIT is for you if you also think the following….

Through MabKIT you get:

Quality video content

We do production and post-production of videos to deliver expertise, opinions, views, education and podcast-like interviews from which reels are extracted.

Clear strategy

We provide you with consulting and a well-structured marketing plan so that you have a clear direction.

Audit and feedback

We offer you a detailed marketing audit and follow-up sessions after 3 months, giving you valuable insight into your business.

Team development

We come and train with your marketing and management team, helping you develop your internal skills.

Implementation and monitoring

We help you not only with the strategy, but also with its implementation, offering you a "turnkey" service that saves you time and effort.

Fast results

With a two-month implementation plan, we meet your need to see tangible results in a short time.

MabKIT is the "turnkey" marketing solution that offers you clear strategy, rapid development of the marketing team, impactful video content and quick results, all customized and monitored through an audit and follow-up, making us the ideal choice for those who will efficiency the value in a short time.

What the solution includes MabKIT?

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Meet team MabKIT

And what responsibilities each member has

Digital Strategist

Following are the points:
clarity -> analysis-> planning-> implementation. Support your team to understand and correctly apply the thought strategy.

Project Manager

Liaises with the client and ensures that the set plan is followed and the objectives defined in the strategy are achieved.

Video producer

He ensures the set-up of the space and appliances and ensures that we do not encounter any technical problems in production.


Following the tactics outlined in the strategy, we prepare all the video content that you will integrate into your website/social media and all the established promotional channels.

Who trusts MabIT?

We have supported over 100 businesses to grow through marketing services, from start-ups to businesses with over 50 million euros in turnover, from various fields.

Words often heard from our customers

"It's been the best marketing investment I've ever made."

"My team has improved tremendously thanks to the training."

"I have a clear and effective marketing plan ready to go."

"The quality of the video content is exceptional."

“The follow-up was wonderful; I felt supported every step of the way."

"MabKit simplified the entire marketing process for us."

"We got everything before the two months were up."

"I got much more than I expected."

"Finally, a marketing service that gives you everything you need, from A to Z."

We produce a variety of videos, from expert, educational to interviews and podcasts. Everything is moderated and supported to be able to film successfully even if you have discomfort in exposing yourself. We guarantee that it will be a pleasant process and you will want to repeat the experience. We deliver 9 videos of at least 10 minutes (according to the strategy) and at least 35 reels.

MabKIT - The solution contains consulting and audit, the promotion strategy with an omnichannel approach for the objectives of the next 3 months, training in the company with the marketing and management team, moderation, production and post-production of the video according to the agreed plan. All this costs EUR 5000 + VAT and the payment is made in stages in 3 installments. 

In the first month we deliver the omnichannel strategy with a video first approach, then one day within the company we do training with the marketing and management team to understand it and know how to apply it in the long term. In the second month we implement the strategy through video production and post production. We also offer a follow-up and feedback meeting after 3 months of implementation to ensure that it has been applied correctly and to adapt it as necessary.

Payment is phased by deliverables and we have a follow-up and feedback meeting after 3 months of implementation to make sure everything is going according to plan.

We are flexible and adapt to your needs so that you get the best results. We are a phone call away in case of anything.

Success stories

Through the portfolio you can have a better understanding of how we have contributed to the success of our clients' businesses.

Everything in one place 🌟

From consulting and auditing, to strategy and implementation, MabKit offers you all the marketing services you need.

Cost effective 💰 - You get a complete package of marketing services, implemented in just two months.

Strategy and Implementation 🎯-  A well thought out and implemented marketing plan, with follow-up and feedback after 3 months of implementation.

Quality video content 🎥 - Including 9 large videos and an interview/podcast type video, from which a minimum of 35 reels are extracted.

Training for your team 👨‍🏫 - In-company training for your marketing and management team to ensure effective strategy implementation.

Follow-up and feedback 📈 - A two-hour follow-up and feedback meeting after 3 months of implementation to make sure you're on the right track.

Are you ready to transform your marketing and accelerate your business?

create quality video content reels

create quality video content reels

create quality video content reels

create quality video content reels