About the client – Cleaning company, promotion services

Cleaning company and maintenance for both legal and natural persons.

It offers:

  • Home cleaning
  • Office and commercial cleaning
  • Cleaning block stairs
  • Cleaning sofas
  • Subscription cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Other services -> Painting, Window washing, green space maintenance, Plumbing repairs.

Since we collaborate

Cătălina and Mihai came to us in July 2022. They are entrepreneurs at the beginning of the journey and gained great confidence by having us by their side in the development of their business.

Services offered

For KNOU we also built the brand name, adapted from Mr. Cleanup. So I worked on:

  • branding – see below
  • marketing strategy – see below
  • website – knou.ro
  • strategy implementation – Facebook, Instagram

What does the client say about our collaboration?

"MabIT is a company that helps you stay focused on your business.
Collaboration with them is pleasant and easy, always bringing optimal solutions for your business.
Thanks for your help."

The brand manual includes the following:

  • Guide intent
  • Use of materials
  • Brand vision
  • Brand archetype
  • MoodBoard
  • Brand Logo
  • Logo composition
  • Negative space
  • Legibility
  • Logo variations
  • Brand colors
  • Prohibitions of use
  • Pattern
  • Simulations on different materials

Simulations on different materials

The marketing strategy was built following the structure:

We want long-term customers, with whom we can grow together, and we are happy to already have such collaborations as the one with KNOU.

We offer marketing services in a personalized way based on consulting sessions in advance. Through #Hire_a_MabIT we provide the resources to promote your business correctly and efficiently.

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