About the Customer

  • Solutions for office spaces
  • It offers a wide range of office products
  • Ergonomic chairs, massage chairs, acoustic booths and accessories

Since we collaborate

The collaboration with Kronsit started in February 2023, when Ciprian came to us from the desire to promote the Kronsit business.

We resonated from the beginning because we also sit a lot in the chair, at the office, and we saw what a change a suitable chair can make. Cirprian believes that "an office chair is as important as the mattress you sleep on"

Services offered

In collaboration with Kronsit, we built a strategic promotion direction and a new website: www.kronsit.ro

In promoting this brand, a virtual brand ambassador created through AI was created.

Kronsit product catalog:

The marketing strategy was built on the structure: 

We want long-term customers with whom we can grow together.

We offer marketing services in a personalized way based on consulting sessions in advance. Through #Hire_a_MabIT we provide the resources to promote your business correctly and efficiently.

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