More and more often we hear the words social media and trending.

What do these words really mean and how strongly do they influence our lives?

The term "social media" does not need much description. Most of us know and use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. "Trends" or "trending" are closely related to social media. More precisely, the content that more people react to becomes trending. It refers to the most popular, viral videos, pictures, discussions or tactics applied at the moment that have an impressive number of comments, shares and likes.

In a short span of time, social media has managed to become an essential part of our lives. Through carefully thought-out tactics, what started out as a way to stay in touch with friends and family have quickly evolved into a channel through which brands and businesses can engage with their target audience.

Many trends in social media have grown and changed over the years due to the rapid growth of this medium. Keeping up with intense competition requires firms to adapt to these new and emerging trends.

Now that we understand better, let's see what are the current trends in social media that you can also use for yourself and your business.

Live sites

Live video is changing the way people use social media.

There is no doubt that live videos on social media are very popular. Most professionals have been urging businesses to focus on video marketing for some time now. Brands are increasingly experimenting with live streaming to engage in conversations with their audience/customers.

Surprisingly, video has also lagged behind live video. More than 82% of viewers prefer live videos on social networks, those broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr.

There has been an increase in the number of corporations presenting famous people and celebrities live, giving fans the chance to interact with their idols directly.

Live chats are a fantastic way to capture audience attention and share brand insights.

Story sites

Ephemeral material doesn't sound familiar? Well… we're talking about stories!

It's the popular stuff that appears on Facebook, Instagram and more, and it's only visible for 24 hours. They can remain visible for longer if they are structured in highlights.

People enjoy, to be held in the grip of fairy tales! Give them a behind-the-scenes look at the work too, so they feel like they're there too, helping out, and also help them get to know the company and the people behind the business better.

The stories are more intimate and informal, but photos, videos, and textual materials continue to inform everyone about different products, special offers, and the company's mission, vision, and values.

User/Customer Generated Content 

Any type of content created by users on social media is known as user-generated content (UGC). Nowadays, this content is used by many companies as social proof of the excellence of their goods and services, which gives new customers more confidence.

Businesses actively encourage user-generated content. They gain two advantages in this way:

  • first, it allows businesses to reduce marketing spend on branded materials;
  • second, it allows them to prioritize consumers and make them feel important.

Merchants have no influence on what they say or share, but what consumers say, UGC is 100% legit. It is the most reliable information resource that anyone can find about a product or company. 

Tik Tok

The popular app TikTok is one of the top social media trends followed closely by the craze for short videos.

TikTok has evolved beyond its original purpose as a forum for people, especially young people, to showcase their dance moves and other artistic skills.

This platform began to play a significant role in social media with the launch of features such as ads and company profiles.

TikTok can be used by business owners to include short and inventive videos that will captivate their target audience and increase brand recognition. In addition, these clips are useful for businesses to promote their services quickly and clearly.

meme sites

There are memes everywhere and it's hard to find someone who doesn't have fun with them. They are currently very hot in the market and one of the most inventive content formats to date. Memes can be modified to fit any situation and convey any message while still retaining their charm. 

With memes you can convey important messages, draw attention to an aspect that needs more attention, or even "make fun of trouble" and brighten someone's day.

Partnerships with influencers

Partnerships with influencers in marketing is nothing new. However, they have seen considerable growth since the global pandemic as many people have started to focus on working from home, and what else but creating content right from your HOME!

These content creators produce, design and publish materials for social media, which can range from articles, story posts to videos or live streams. They can be amateur artists or specialists in the field. 

The content each influencer posts is strictly their personal choice. They can select which partnerships or campaigns they honor whether they are barter or paid partnerships.

Businesses plan to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing in 2022, experts say, as the creative economy accelerates.

In other words, these trends will help your business page or personal account reach as many people as possible, likes, shares. If you want your business to "suffer" a bust of followers, call MabIT with confidence! 

The team of experts is always ready with innovative ideas, ready to turn them into the solutions you are looking for and need. I outlined #hireaMabIT, a way in which we manage to help entrepreneurs promote their businesses in an efficient way and with as little time as possible.

We can't wait to hear your story! Do not hesitate to contact us!

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