About the customer

Lami Glass is a supplier of glass laminating machinery and supplies and glass storage solutions.
They are exclusive partners of PUJOL (Spain) in Romania.

Pujol is a company with over 110 years of experience and innovation, bringing together four generations of experience to continue growing alongside their customers.
The Pujol Group is the only leading group specialized entirely in the development of laminated glass products. The group includes three furnace manufacturers, EVA manufacturers for architectural use and
other consumables, all of which are part of the group's 360-degree strategy. The Pujol Group looks to the future with the commitment to continue promoting quality products and excellent services to its customers.

All Pujol Group companies enjoy a strong international presence. They are represented in more than 100 countries thanks to the high quality of their products, but also thanks to the experts and
the highly qualified specialists who make up the different teams of the group.

In ROMANIA – the exclusive partner is LAMIGLASS.

Since we collaborate

Our collaboration with Gabriel Vasilcoiu began following his participation in the workshop #buildYourDigitalBusiness from March 2023. There, Gabriel realized that outsourcing marketing was the path he wanted to take, and his team needed additional support to meet their ambitious goals for Semper Fi Glass and LamiGlass. The trust placed in our team materialized in an immediate post-workshop collaboration, and since then, we are proud to be the strategic partner through which Gabriel and Mircea increase their notoriety in the industry.

The marketing strategy was built following the structure:

Competition analysis


Our partnership with LamiGlass is a demonstration of MabIT's commitment to supporting innovation and excellence in laminated glass. Through our continued collaboration, we are dedicated to increasing LamiGlass' market presence and highlighting their exclusive partnership with PUJOL in Romania.

At MabIT, we aim to build lasting relationships that evolve and thrive with our clients. We are honored to work alongside LamiGlass, a partner who shares our vision of growth and innovation.

Every marketing strategy we develop is designed to be as unique and specialized as the services they promote. Through #Hire_a_MabIT, we provide the resources necessary for LamiGlass to shine in their industry, ensuring effective promotion and maximum impact.

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