About the customer


The contribution of Semper Fi Glass consists in consulting and advising in the choice of optimal machines, in the design of technological flows, in the installation and maintenance of the machines.

I am a Certified Distributor for Eastern Europe of SHANDONG BOKE CNC EQUIPMENTS CO. LTD, China.

We are present in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland with 6 fully implemented lines.

Since we collaborate

Gabriel Vasilcoiu participated in our workshop #buildYourDigitalBusiness since March 2023 and realized that he didn't want to do marketing himself and that the existing team needed help for the two companies he represented, Semper Fi Glass and LamiGlass. He chose to start the collaboration immediately after the workshop and since then we have been the partner with whom Gabriel and Mircea get the notoriety they deserve.

The marketing strategy was built following the structure:

Competition analysis


Our collaboration with SemperFi Glass is an ongoing success story, marking a dynamic and innovative partnership. I had the pleasure of contributing to rebranding SemperFi Glass, developing a marketing strategy robust and implementing it through a updated website, careful management of social networks the email marketing campaigns efficient.

Although SemperFi Glass operates in a specific niche, our customized approach and omnichannel strategies have enabled the brand to expand its digital footprint and achieve its growth goals. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can work alongside successful clients, proving that regardless of the field, creative and strategic marketing can generate outstanding results.

At MabIT, we want long-term partnerships where growth and success are shared achievements. We enjoy long-lasting collaborations like the one with SemperFi Glass.

Every marketing service we offer is customized and based on detailed consultants, ensuring that every strategy is aligned with your business vision and goals. Through our initiative #Hire_a_MabIT, we provide you with the necessary resources for your business to be promoted correctly and efficiently.

If you are ready to turn your vision into reality and see how the right strategy can lead to impressive results, we invite you to meet us here.