How to communicate your offers so that you sell easily?

Nothing is sold until you succeed to motivate people to make a purchase. Motivation represents the triggering factor, that thing that prompts the potential customer to act.

Today I will share with you a very effective tactic!

I tell you! I know you will bookmark this article and go through it every time you want to communicate an offer.

It's a tactic we use especially when writing the texts of paid ads and we've tested it long enough to say it really works. I used the tactic I am about to describe to you and when I thought the texts for a landing page (sales page), in organic posts, in press articles, but especially in ADS (paid advertisements).

In my position as a digital strategist, when I design a strategy for our clients, I try to get into the minds of their potential customers and try to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is he thinking?
  • What does he feel?
  • What emotions could I use in my marketing strategies for would you motivate to buy right now?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can create a marketing system that will work very well for years on end.

Why? Because the motivational factors based on emotions have not changed since people started selling. And they won't change anytime soon either because people have always been motivated by the same primal emotions.

People buy into an emotion that they justify with logical arguments.

The Power of the Five Emotions: fear, love, freebies/bargains, getting rich effortlessly, making dreams come true.

Just because an ad manages to impress, that doesn't mean everyone in your target market will respond to it. That is why it is important to match all 5 emotional motivation factors within the same marketing text. While yes, sometimes it's not possible to do so, we strive to include all five in every piece of marketing text we create.

You will notice an immediate and essential increase in response when you stop using logic and choose to rely on the power of the five emotions.


I'm not a fan of using fear often in my marketing because people are pretty scared anyway :), but an effective way to use that emotion is by showing your potential customers what will happen if they don't buy from you service or product. What exactly would they lose or not have access to?

When we use fear marketing like this, it becomes a powerful motivational tool for a person who is undecided about the purchase.

When formulating your offer think about how you could limit your offer either by time, quantity or some other factor.

Examples that work:

  • Order by Friday noon or you'll miss out on this special offer forever!
  • Offer valid for the first 250 people.
  • Offer valid until a certain day or for the next 24 hours.
  • Don't let that happen to you (associate with a fear already out there either in the news or elsewhere that most of your customers know about.

Other keywords:

  • Do not lose
  • Don't stay on the outside
  • Only a limited number will be sold
  • protect
  • Ensure
  • It ends soon
  • It won't last
  • Limited stock
  • Only 24 hours to take advantage
  • Only 10 people will be accepted
  • If you miss this opportunity you will regret it
  • You can avoid the most common X mistakes
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • This offer expires Friday at midnight

Are you ready for the next motivator?


The motivational factor of an emotional nature called love it is actually divided into three levels:

  1. creating a link
  2. love
  3. sex

As in life, love comes in "many tastes" and so does marketing. What is important to remember here is that humans feel an innate desire to love and be loved.

Creating a link

Well, connecting with your potential customers is thankfully no longer difficult thanks to social media platforms. No matter what type of event, product, service you offer, look for ways to include the element of interconnectedness in your offering.

The way I was able to link was to use three keywords in my marketing copy: "join us". These words convey that by participating, you will join a group of people with the same preferences and trying to find the answers to the same questions as you. Here's why businesses using membership/club cards work.


Love in this sense means that people are looking for long-term relationships or marriage. Romantic love is the kind of love I'm talking about.

The emotion of love is used by all types of businesses. Think of commercials for sports cars. Imagine an ordinary man getting into a beautiful red turbo car and then the ad shows a gorgeous woman turning her head after this car as the man drives past her. The car turned into an object of love. You have a car, you have a girl :). It's just an example. Love is also used in other advertisements aimed at women. Maybe you see a photo of a beautiful woman dressed elegantly and holding that bottle of perfume in a perfect way. What are we being sold in this case? The message that the perfume will attract the perfect man. The perfume appears in the ad, but it hardly matters because what matters in the customer's mind is the relationship.

Love is a powerful motivator and speaks volumes through visuals. Love is transmitted through images or video, and the challenge here is to convey how your product/service helps your target audience aspire to a relationship.

The sex

What happens when love reaches the next level? 🙂 The marketing process starts with creating a connection, then it moves to love and after that it reaches the highest level: sex. Yes, we will discuss sex, but from a marketing perspective.

Have you heard "Sex sells" many times? And so it is. If you find ways to include sex in your promotion, your sales will increase.

Let's say you sell speakers. What would the photo of a beautiful woman in a bathing suit have to do with the advertisement for some loudspeakers? Absolutely none, but if you measure this action you will notice that the number of views on that ad will be five times higher than on a regular ad.

In your ads you're not really selling a relationship, love or sex, you're making an association between your product or service and the emotion of wanting to have sex.

You will notice that most often this emotion is not sold directly, through naked women or men, but it is enough that the look or the position in which the person posed conveys to the viewer that sex is not out of the question.

GUY here! Use a photo/video whenever possible to communicate the message of connection/love/sex. A single photo can do more for your marketing material than a whole page of words.

Some keywords that you can use to convey the idea of love are:

  • Thousands of entrepreneurs
  • You can join them
  • Join us
  • relate
  • Meet people like you
  • Her daughter
  • Link
  • Meet your soul mate
  • Relationship
  • Intimate
  • Seductive
  • Sensual
  • Sexy

Now let's look at the third motivational factor of an emotional nature out of the five that I mentioned.


Here we have two categories: getting something for free or getting a bargain. Although they are very similar, they should be treated separately.

Freebies or free stuff

One of the most powerful words in marketing is free of charge. Whenever we see this word we stop, become attentive and ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What exactly is free?
  • Where would I get it?
  • Could I have more?

I don't encourage offers that include something for free, but if you can find that item that your customers would appreciate and it doesn't cost you much, then it might be worth considering as this item can increase your the sales.

Most often I recommend offering added value, not an object itself; it can be an educational material for example (audio material, ebook, etc.). This approach is most commonly used as an "ethical bribe" to obtain data. We talked about it and HERE.

I recommend giving your time, a video, ebook, etc. for free. when you're just starting out and you need people to know about you. Then you can offer, for example, a consultation session of X minutes for free, and then show them what you actually sell. The method with free webinars also works very well.

GUY here! Don't offer something with very little perceived value. Offer something that will be perceived as valuable by your customers, not to be thrown in the trash.

Bargains. What is for sale?

A bargain is the opportunity to buy a product or service at a much lower price than the estimated price. However, there is a pitfall if you sell your products/services only on price. Once you get your customers used to having sale days once every four weeks, for example, your customer will expect to buy from you only on these days.

A good approach here would be to organize discount days at irregular periods or on the occasion of Black Friday. This is the right way to incorporate the emotional motivator of getting a bargain into your business.

Some key words and phrases to use here are:

  • Free of charge
  • Without any cost or obligation
  • Free offer
  • Free trial period
  • Free bonus
  • No cost
  • At half price
  • Save
  • Sale
  • Destroyed prices
  • 24 hours of discounts

The following motivator is the most common in the business world.


Let's see how we can apply this motivation factor in every business using indirect benefits, sometimes very creatively :).

You should be very careful, not just the "how to get rich" part, but especially the words "effortless". Not making any effort is the key to success for this emotional motivator and is why it works so well.

If you can show potential customers how much money they can make with your product or service, you can easily raise your prices above your competitors. Would you pay me €100,000 if I brought €1 million in sales to your company? Think if I were to expose the sum of 100,000 alone as the cost of a service provided, it would seem astronomical. The promise of income after will put the price in perspective.

Another take here might be that saving money is the same as earning that money, and that the money you save helps you get rich or get what you want.

Some keywords and phrases to use:

  • Earn money while you sleep
  • Get windfall profits easily
  • So easy even a fifth grader could do it
  • Make a sale and get paid infinitely
  • Without effort
  • You could win
  • Enter to win
  • Nothing to do
  • We do everything for you
  • Your computer will do all the work

And the last motivating factor of an emotional nature is…


We all share this hope in one way or another. This factor can also be called "achieving your goals". The key to making this factor work is knowing the dreams that people in your market tend to share.

What is your market segment dreaming of?

A very good place to start your research is from customers thy current.Create a simple 5-question survey and offer a small bonus to those who choose to answer. Here are three questions I would include in this questionnaire:

  • Why did you get involved in this business in the first place?
  • If everything goes according to your plans, what do you hope to achieve with this business?
  • What do you expect to do in the next year?

The purpose of this questionnaire is to try to find that common purpose, a common goal shared by your market segment, and then sell them the dream they want.

You will notice that most of the most common dreams are: to become a millionaire, to get a nice house in a good area, to have iron health, a stress-free life and a life where work is something optional, not a necessary.

When you pay attention to people who make purchasing decisions, including yourself, you will notice that most of the time they are made based on strong emotional factors, such as the five factors outlined in this article, and not on logical reasons at all.

Think about something you bought in the last 30 days and when you have the product in mind ask yourself what you expected when you made the purchase.

I bought a laptop and you would say that I bought it for battery, memory, business reasons, but the truth is that my dream was to become more productive. But this is not all. I bought this model also because i like freedom and I can't stand being constrained to one place to finish my work but being able to do it from anywhere. Consequently my dream was to have a laptop that would allow me to manage my business on the other side.

Sell what you offer as a tool in fulfilling your customers' dreams.

Great marketing doesn't happen by accident. Success in business depends on great marketing, so if you dream of making millions with your business, buy my advice and make your marketing great, not adequate. (Yes, again through #hire_a_MabIT we can help you meet your marketing challenges).

Unfortunately, this message may be lost due to too many people looking for easy solutions to overcome the problem – something that rarely turns out to be a simple path and often leads to more difficulties for entrepreneurs. Over time, your business may go bankrupt, be sold, or continue to struggle to survive month to month, which can age you due to excessive stress and worry.

And all this because entrepreneurs refuse to invest in having great marketing. Please listen to me and do everything you can to get the best and most effective marketing materials created for your business right now.

Most campaigns are based on emotions, which is why you need to incorporate the five emotional motivators into your marketing materials.

Some keywords and phrases to use

  • Live your dream
  • Turn your dream into reality right now, the dream of having a profitable business
  • Be the owner of the house you dreamed of
  • Meet the man/woman of your dreams
  • The solution you've been dreaming of is here
  • You can have it all
  • You don't have to wait to retire
  • Turn your dreams into reality.

Creating your first offer that uses the five emotional motivators

Although each emotion exhibited is a powerful factor in its own right, not everyone wants something for free, neither they don't look for easy ways to get rich. Not everyone can be easily impressed by using fears or of the need to interact with more people.

Our goal as marketers is to impress as many people as possible into responding to our offers, so moving an offer through all five of these emotional motivators is important.

I challenge you to leave your offer in the comments in the form presented in this article or at least a thought. Will you include this tactic in promoting your offers?

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