Omnichannel Marketing Strategy: Where to Start

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy: Where to Start Today, let's talk about something that cannot be missing from your business growth arsenal: the omnichannel marketing strategy. Wait a minute, I know what you're thinking - "Another strategy?" But wait to hear this: 87% of marketers plan to increase or maintain their investment in 2024 […]

Top SEO practices to stay on top

SEO in 2024: Best Practices to Stay on Top SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, continues to be a critical pillar for online success. As we enter 2024, it is important to understand and apply the most effective SEO tactics to ensure that our sites not only survive, […]

YouTube video optimization: How to rank your videos in the top positions

Rank your videos at the top In the vast universe of YouTube, where millions of videos compete for users' attention, getting noticed is a real challenge. But what if we told you that there are ways you can… not only increase your visibility, but also make sure your videos reach the exact […]

Omni-channel marketing strategies: what are they and what are they good for?

Cum construiești o strategie de marketing omni-channel

When asked what goals they have for their business, most entrepreneurs say in chorus "Increased sales!". But few of them also have a strategy for this goal. More specifically, 1 in 10 entrepreneurs has a written marketing strategy. Why have a marketing strategy? You cannot have sales for the product [...]

Why is marketing strategy important?

1. What do studies say about people's behavior online?
2. What is a marketing strategy and how exactly does it help you?
3. Online marketing techniques and why you need to take into account when developing a marketing strategy
4. Examples of marketing strategies

How to communicate your offers so that you sell easily?

Nothing is sold until you can motivate people to make a purchase. Motivation is the trigger, that thing that causes the prospect to act. Today I will share with you a very effective tactic! I tell you! I know you will bookmark this article and go through it every time you […]

Stay relevant in the market with the help of a marketing strategy.

When it comes to marketing results, they don't just happen. A correctly created strategy gives you the certainty that you offer relevant content to the right people, interested in interacting with you and your business. Pay as much attention as possible to developing a clear strategy, and in no time, you will have much more [...]

How to increase your organic reach using social media trends

More and more often we hear the words social media and trending. What do these words really mean and how strongly do they influence our lives? The term "social media" does not need much description. Most of us know and use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. "Trends" or "trending" are closely related to social media. […]

Why haven't you gotten me any sales after three months of posting?

I would like to start by clarifying WHEN this question comes up. We have received this question ONLY from clients who: have a new business (launched a few months ago) or who have not had much of an online presence before; who have invested in a marketing strategy, in the creation of a branding and a website, and the expectation […]

What are the metrics for successful marketing?

Even though it seems hard to believe, there are still entrepreneurs who believe that marketing investment is not an investment but a waste. Like anything else, it can be a waste when executed haphazardly and incorrectly, especially when not measured. Fortunately, nowadays online indicators are very easy [...]