The purpose of #eraDigitală episodes is to provide valuable content. We want to provide valuable information through them, which will help you from a practical point of view, not just theoretically.

Our objective is to make you realize how far you can take your business, promote you and expose you to ideas to differentiate you from the competition. We will also try to create a vision for your business that you may not have thought of, a vision that you can implement immediately.

It's important to think about this as well to understand how the industry we're in is developing, what the chances are that our current business will disappear from the market in the coming years, and how much we'll have to transform and adapt to the new technological and digital market requirements.

I'll give you a simple example. Did you know that smart tires were invented? That is, they are so smart that they will be guaranteed for life. They won't deflate, won't feather and will adapt to all seasons. This bike tires are due to be released next year. Do you know what that means? Basically, if vulcanizations don't adapt, they will disappear as a business within a few years.

You must know that when we talk about digitization, we will refer to the technological evolution and the trend in the respective industry, we will not say anything from a marketing point of view.

Every Wednesday we will talk concretely about a real business and starting from the owner's major objective, we will explain how we see the digitization of the business in the direction of the objective. What new tactics can be approached to differentiate themselves in the market.

So... What business are we digitizing today?

The business we are going to talk about is Rosebonbon. La vie en rosebonbon is where Beti creates, tailors, sews, embroiders and more... To be honest, it was a pleasure to think about the direction of this business.

In other words, today we are talking about the digitization of an online store with handmade clothes.

The first step to progress is setting a measurable goal.

And here I want to quote Beti from Rosebonbon who says that in the next 3 years she wants this:

"... I want Rosebonbon clothes to be popular, a reference for retrofresh colors and cuts. I don't have any plans for now, but I would like a showroom, but a boutique type, a jewelry store, hidden in some streets, where you stop like a rest stop, drink a cold lemonade or a hot chocolate and try on beautiful clothes. "

In what follows, we will simply create a vision of how this business can be transformed to sell online and bring customers into the boutique.

You must know that the whole strategy revolves around the customer avatar. Once you know your ideal client, the only limit is your imagination.

We tried to identify Beti's clients and thought about what services they would be happy to benefit from.

First of all, from the point of view of digitization, the site is a benchmark. It is almost unthinkable for a business to function without a website. Let's say that we still have it, but that's not enough; it must be designed in such a way that it sells, but also makes popular that cool boutique where we can drink lemonade and try on beautiful clothes.

Starting from here, Beti's client could benefit from:

  1. A live chat through which Beti can serve her in real time and also via live chat to be able to send feedback - to help Beti improve its products or services
  2. A custom form, not the standard contact, for the client who wants to schedule a super personal and private shopping session with advice and guidance, plus the lemonade and chocolate I already mentioned. Through this form, it is possible to attract customers from online to the boutique, offering them a unique experience.
  3. And... now the best part... for those clients who have money but too little free time, to have the possibility, through the website, to request a personal shopper. What this means? Basically, Beti will become their adviser in choosing their outfits without them being physically present. Here we are not talking about one product, two... but volume. So it has to be done in a very efficient way in terms of time and above all to ensure that the rate of return is as low as possible.

But how exactly can it do this in #eraDigital? Well.. through a questionnaire integrated into the site, she will identify their personality, tastes and more, and depending on the personality, Beti has prepared outfits, but also customized products. To ensure size, product combinations, etc., the actual communication will be through a mobile app.

4. The mobile application it has countless possibilities... through the mobile application it will offer exclusivity to clients and make them loyal. As I spoke in episode 2 from #eraDigitală, through push notifications, she can send them order status, personalized offers, birthday messages and more. You can even integrate a map where you can see in real time where the order is.. like with star taxi for example.

These women will feel unique following this step, and for Beti it would be a big win in terms of online sales, but especially in terms of customer loyalty.

5. And.. if that is not enough… the last part of the digitization of the Resebonbon business would be related to how could they ensure a return rate as low as possible (I mean from a logistical point of view, invoices).

When placing the order, a QR Code will be generated for the entire order (which will be found on the package). The customer, when she receives the package, must scan the QrCode to open it and the products will automatically appear in the application with the price (let's not forget that the clothes were chosen by a personal shopper).

If one of the products is not good or changes his mind, it will be scanned by the app and the virtual cart will update in a second. As the last step, they have to press the payment button and the money will be automatically withdrawn from the card added to the app. If he is in a hurry or forgets to pay, the money will be withdrawn after a period of time.

How does the digitization of this business sound to you from our perspective, MabIT?

If your business needs a solution, a digital strategy, don't hesitate to contact us.

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